About Us

"We believe that a circle produces more wellness than a triangle"

The Happydemy Club is a non-profit organization that strongly works to provide the best to the Happydemy Community

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a new community.

Those who understood their value, and are ready to take it back. Meritocracy is the basis of our company and is accompanying by three clear points:

1.Transparency (clear and equal rules for all)
2.Knowledge (personal development to manage these new changes)
3.Incomes Possibilities

The last three years were invested by creating a new economic model that qualifies HAPPYDEMY® as a pioneer of it.

Our Vision


In a time of drastic changes, where our values, our certainties, and our lifestyle are at risk, HAPPYDEMY® is building a new future full of hope and prosperity, converting what for many can be a severe situation of uncertainty, in a tremendous and reliable opportunity.

The creation of the HAPPYDEMY® platform is the demonstration we have decided to change direction and, unlike the average of this sector, has decided to break some rules to make everything much more accessible.

Our Values

The ordinary people have let themselves to be attracted by this world that suddenly nothing had to be paid, achieved or deserved anymore.

Today we live in a world in which the foolish demands and the educated resigns.

Where the ignorant speaks, and the wise is silenced.

Where the poor live as well-off, and the wealthy seems miserable.

Our Club works from 2015 to improve our Member's quality of life

2,000 Families
3195 Members
24 Projects
27 Countries

What We Do

Our Club works closely with high-skilled professional in the 360 Market, to study, develop, and provide the best services and products to out Happydemy Community


The best communication services in a private environment that allows our Members to be privacy protected


The Entertainment industry has been never so connected with the public. Finally Artists will be free from business chains


The best games and practices to allow our Members to enjoy one of the biggest market in the world 


High quality, selected and tested products and services that will bring the Member's experience to another level.

Our Board

Three friends that decided to do something for others. They understood that life it's not business and personal profit. Instead sharing and helping can drive your life to another level

Gian Paolo De Santi


Andrea Mallus


Zakaria Abderrafi


A luxury network

The Club is a non-profit organization that has as scope to promote, help and support organizations and management of cultural, artistic, and recreational activities of interest to the entire Community, including editorial activities, promotion, and dissemination of culture; promote and spread the culture of the “high quality” in every field also through the constant research/valorisation of excellence in any form, with particular attention to individual local realities, personal well-being, and ecology

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